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Ray Dougan - Mr. Shawnigan

Ray Dougan was an energetic, industrious man, who like his grandparents before him, made a name for himself in his community.


In 1929, trained as a car mechanic, Ray came to work at Alexander’s Garage, which he eventually took over and was owner/operator until Dec 1, 1973.  The business was fondly known as “Dougan’s Garage”.


In 1938 he married Vivian, and they lived next door to the Garage.  They eventually had six children (4 girls and 2 boys).  The whole family was very active in the community.

Old-timers will remember that Ray was the go-to guy for plumbing and mechanical challenges around the lake.  He also was the “TV Repair Guy” in the 1950s and early 1960s.


In 1940 the Garage operated a small water system which also served the owner's residence and two stores across the road (Aitken & Fraser and Pen-Y- Wern). By 1966 the system had grown to provide water to about sixty properties.  It was eventually sold in 1993 to Lidstech Waterworks.


Ray was a member of the original Fire Department, volunteering for many years, many as Captain. He also built the first Fire Truck in the early 1950s, and was responsible for the first community ambulance service.  In addition, he ran a taxi service between Shawnigan and Port Renfrew.


Around 1990 (at a very cheap price to the CVRD), Dougan sold the 5.3 hectare lot where the Community Centre sits.   This property became a park, named in honour of the family in 1991.

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