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Dundas Road

c1913 Major Dundas churing butter on his front porch.

Major Thomas George Dundas was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 14, 1853.

He and his wife (Mary) and three children emigrated to Canada in 1882 and eventually settled in 2the Shawnigan area.

His military title of Major comes from his service in the British Army. He did not see and big conflict during his service; it appears it was the “family career”.

Dundas was one of the first landowners in the Village, purchasing property on the hill behind the Shawnigan Beach Hotel. He built his house on the SW corner of what is now Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road and Dundas Road.

(from the Daily Colonist – June 28, 1911)

The Colonist staff yesterday was given ample evidence of this Island’s productiveness as a fruit growing centre and incidentally thoroughly enjoyed the experience, when a large crate of luscious strawberries of exquisite flavor were received from Mr. Thomas G. Dundas of Shawnigan.

The fruit the equal of anything seen here was of large size and demonstrated beyond a doubt the capabilities of the Shawnigan district as a home for the fruit grower.

The fruit was grown on bench land, not irrigated, and speaks volumes for the possibilities of the district.

Mr. Dundas has for years been the energetic secretary of the Shawnigan boating organization at the annual regattas of which many Victorians have been yearly entertained.

He passed away June 12, 1929 at Sooke is buried at Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria.

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