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1. What was the name of the first hotel at Shawnigan Lake?

a. Strathcona Hotel

b. Shawnigan Lake Hotel

c. Morton House

d. Forest Inn

2. What important event happened in the Shawnigan Lake areas on August 13, 1886?

a. 1st Grocery store opened

b. Driving of the last spike for E & N Railway

c. Major fire in Shawnigan Village

d. Lumber mill began production

3. What was the name of the first public school at Shawnigan Lake that opened in 1893?

a. Shawnigan District School

b. Shawnigan Lake School

c. Sylvania School

d. Malahat School

4. What was the first land route from Victoria to Cowichan Bay called?

a. Old Victoria Road

b. Malahat Road

c. E & N Railway

d. Goldstream Trail

5. What year was the original Strathcona Lodge building demolished?

a. 1976

b. 1969

c. 1985

d. 1959


Now try these next 5 questions.....

1. What famous Shawnigan Lake resident was instrumenta in banning the use of Thalidamide?

2. What was the Shawnigan Lake Museum building used for before 1983?

3. What was the name of the gas-powered passenger car that had a regular run on the CN line in the 1920s?

4. What park at Shawnigan Lake is surrounded by water?

5. What Shawnigan Lake Teacher had a school named after her?

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